About Us


Overview and History

People to People (P2P) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care and reducing the spread of diseases, particularly in Ethiopia and in diaspora communities.
P2P has no political, ethnic, or religious affiliation.  P2P works to mobilize the global Ethiopian diaspora to play an active role in mitigating the impact of brain drain and to ignite a passion for realizing our shared responsibility to give back.  Equipped with innovative ideas, valuable transnational networks, knowledge & expertise, strong values, and new technological skills, our network stands ready to take on many of the challenges facing communities and institutions in Ethiopia and elsewhere.
P2P’s projects are focused on strengthening health systems through partnerships with local hospitals and universities, in which we engage the global Ethiopian diaspora in an attempt to bridge the knowledge gap and address the country’s severe shortage of health and medical professionals.  P2P is also engaged in a number of service-oriented projects, working in particular with vulnerable communities, such as children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, the elderly, the deaf community, women, and more, devoting our time and effort to their overall health and empowerment.
Founded in 1999 and recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the United States (federal tax ID#61-1346918), P2P is an international network of organizations, with headquarters in the US and an office in Ethiopia that serves as a focal point for all global chapters of the organization, including Canada, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and more.  There are currently more than 5,000 P2P members worldwide, including doctors and other professionals who strive to make a difference in the lives of others.  P2P also holds consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESCO).


Our Vision

Developing Ethiopia’s human resources capital, health care and education thereby bringing Ethiopia truly into the 21st century.

Our Mission

To build a bridge linking the diaspora with Ethiopian institutions for effective Human Resource Development, Healthcare, and Education.

Our Philosophy

As a diaspora organization, People to People stands uniquely poised to undertake meaningful development work in Ethiopia and help to address the many challenges faced by its resilient people

Our Team

  • Enawgaw Mehari, MD President/Founder
  • Prof. Elias Sirj, MD Senior advisor to P2P and the President
  • Kebede Begna, MD Vice President
  • Kinfe Gebeyehu, MD Vice President
  • Keith Parnell, JD Vice President
  • Mastewal Mekonen, PhD Vice President
  • Tinsay Woretta, MD Vice President
  • Hermela Aregawi Vice President
  • Gizachew Beyene, MA Vice President

  • Board of Directors
  • Anteneh Habte, MD, Chair
  • Bezawit Tekola, MD, Vice Chair
  • Yoseph Bogale, Treasurer
  • Teferi Tsegaye, PhD
  • Tinsay Woreta, MD
  • Lydia Tesfa, PhD
  • Alitash Kebede (Alitash Kebede Gallery)
  • Dawd Siraj, MD
  • Rahel Haimanot, MD
  • Mahlet Tsegaye, MA
  • Kidist Assefa, Chef
  • Fasika Woretta, MD
  • Senior Advisors to the Board and President
  • Ambassador David Shinn, PhD
  • Ambassador Konjit Sabati, MD
  • Prof .Girma Tefera ,M.D
  • Health Policy Advisors
  • Ahmed Moen, PhD
  • Legal Advisors
  • Robert Foley, JD
  • Keith Parnell, JD
  • Scientific Advisors
  • Avi Nath, MD
  • Joseph Berger, MD
  • David Clifford, MD
  • Jay Levy, MD
  • Gene Major, PhD
  • Dawn McGuire, MD
  • Justin McArthur, MBBD, MPH
  • International Partnership in Veterinary Medicine
  • Zelalem Mekuria ,DVM,PhD
  • Neurology Training Program
  • Steve Brown, MD
  • Orphan Coordinator USA
  • Aelaf F. Gebrewold

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