Ambassador Dr. Konji Sebati

“Ever since I met Dr. Enawgaw Mehari in New York about 8 years ago, listened to him and the “P2P” initiatives, I have never felt so strongly about service to people. Maya Angelou says; “when we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed”. People to People taught me or reminded me that if you serve with all your heart, and give cheerfully, and share whatever little you have with those who may have less than you, everyone is blessed. I had the opportunity to visit Addis Ababa with Dr. Mehari for the New Year celebrations with the orphanages. I was amazed at how happy, well, and energetic they all looked, in spite of not having their parents anymore. I was sad, I could not stop crying, because they embraced me so much, they looked much happier than I was, with a mother! They looked more content than all of us in that hall. But all this was about the power of feeling loved, wanted, protected, which they all had and provided by PEOPLE TO PEOPLE. During this time in the world when humanity is loosing feelings of empathy, sharing, and caring, and when every request for assistance will be met with the response about the Global Financial crisis, I have no doubt in my mind that People to People will prevail. Your work for your people, which speaks for itself, will beckon those with good fortunes to continue to share with People to People for a better Ethiopia, and a better world. Thanks for inviting me into this organization 8 years ago and opening my eyes…”

Ambassade d’Afrique du Sud en France Permanent delegate to UNESCO
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