Miliard Derbew, MD

“The Faculty of Medicine of AA University is delighted to express its congratulatory remarks to P2P on its celebration of its tenth anniversary. P2P’s mission of partnering with our institutions of health care professionals training and supporting departments in their efforts to improve quality of care has been a tremendous asset. Many of the Diaspora health professionals that are participating in a giving back mission, that P2P under the leadership of Dr. Enawgaw Mehari is accomplishing, passed through this and other medical schools in Ethiopia. Of course many who have not, had their conscientious obligations to give back to their nation as well. We are grateful to see this happen and continue to happen. We owe our gratitude to P2P for this organized mission that eventually will benefit the Ethiopian people. We thank P2P and through it the Diaspora and wish us all even a more successful 10 years to come.”

Pediatric General Surgeon Dean, Faculty of Medicine Addis Ababa University
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