People to People / Covid-19

Ethiopian Diaspora High-Level Advisory Council on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ethiopia

Plan of Action

COVID-19 caused by a novel (new) coronavirus represents a potential existential threat to the wellbeing and livelihood of the Ethiopian people. It has the potential to cause tremendous social disruptions, economic loss, and political and security crises and to reverse the health and socioeconomic development gains. Since the first case was reported on the 12th of March, Ethiopia has reported 21 confirmed cases and no deaths as of March 29, 2020. These relatively low numbers could be due to limited availability of COVID-19 test kits, lack of community testing (those tested come through airport screening), and undetected people with no or mild symptoms not seeking care and thus not tested (represent a significant proportion of infections). Thus, this number may represent the tip of the iceberg.

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