14th Annual Conference on Health Care and Medical Education

People to People (P2P), a non-profit Ethiopian Diaspora Health Care Organization, is proud to announce that the 14th annual conference on Health Care and Medical Education will be held in the Washington DC Metro Area on Saturday, October 15th, 2022.  Each year, our conference highlights a topic which we believe is of relevance to Ethiopia and invites experts/policy makers from Ethiopia, the US/Canada, and the Diaspora to exchange experiences and chart the way forward.  Our annual conference is also the forum to highlight “Triangular Partnership”, a concept that promotes the role of the Ethiopian Health Care Diaspora in fostering partnerships

The conference is also intended to create a platform to exchange experiences and showcase best practices among Institutions of Higher Learning in Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Ministries of Education and Health, Western Institutions, Ethiopian Diaspora Health Care Professionals, and International Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations. The theme for this year will be “Evaluating the Quality of Medical Education in Ethiopia: High Time for Course Correction?”.

We, at P2P, will be honored if you can join us as a Speaker and Panelist and share your experience with rehabilitating Health Care Facilities in the war-torn areas of Ethiopia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and thank you again for supporting our mission of promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences among Diaspora Health Care Professionals.

Conference Agenda


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