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Dear Friends;

As you well know, P2P has been dedicated to improving clinical care, medical education and research in Ethiopia since 1999. To that end, we have been collaborating with medical schools/teaching hospitals in Ethiopia and academic institutions in the US in the spirit of triangular partnership. We have signed multiple working agreements and memorandums of understanding (MOU) with multiple entities which are active in the health care scene in Ethiopia. Through our chapters in North America, Europe and Africa, and our consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNESCO), we have always strived to change the dialogue from “brain drain” to “brain share”, a concept that recognizes that the talents and education of Diaspora Health Care Professionals is not “lost” but “enhanced”.

As many of you who have worked in different projects in Ethiopia can attest, one of the main bottlenecks of such projects is having a responsible and capable person on the other side who has the time, skill, and passion required to navigate the bureaucracy and intransigence which is inherent in both the governmental and non-governmental health care structures in Ethiopia. None of the institutions we work with in Ethiopia have a designated point person for Diaspora health care activities and often times it has been difficult to get responses in a timely manner or identify the next step in the process. This has frustrated and dampened the enthusiasm of many of our colleagues for a long time.

We recently had a series of conversations with Dr. Dawit Wondemagegn, the CEO of Tikur Anbessa hospital on how best to jumpstart some of the ongoing projects and maintain the momentum with the largest and oldest medical schools. One of our consensus points was to provide protected time for a passionate and capable faculty member who is willing and able to serve as the point person for Diaspora healthcare projects. Dr. Dawit has promised to identify such a person through a competitive process and P2P has agreed to raise the funds to finance this position. We have made the commitment for one year, at which point we will assess the value of the position and decide whether we want to proceed with a more permanent source of funding.

As a health care professional with an active project in Ethiopia, we are inviting you to be part of this pilot program. The total cost for this undertaking is $3,600 (at $300/month) which will pay for the “protected time” of the selected faculty member. This contribution will be tax deductible as P2P is a 501 (c) (3) registered organization (Federal Tax ID# 61-1346918) registered in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We appreciate your support for this cause and are confident that this will be a worthy investment in that it will facilitate, expedite and enhance the working relationship with Tikur Anbessa Hospital. Please feel free to contact any one of us should you have further questions.

Warm regards;

Enawgaw Mehari, MD (Founder & president)

Anteneh Habte, MD (Board Chairman)

Kebede Begna, MD (Vice President for Academic Affairs)