As the corona virus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the world, our country of Ethiopia is also starting to report new cases and victims.

People to People, Inc (P2P) has a long history of advocating, helping, and working with local doctors and government agencies to transform health care services in Ethiopia. As this virus continues to spread, P2P is once again working closely with government officials/health care providers, and is also in the process of partnering with Arts TV ( to set up a local call center to inform and answer any questions the public may have.

With your help, P2P wants to make sure that our first responders are protected from the possibility of catching the virus. We are asking the diaspora community to help us raise funds so that the first responders are well-equipped with the necessary tools to stay safe – including masks, sanitizers, soap, etc. Together, we will be providing our first responders with the help they need as we navigate this uncertain and constantly evolving situation. A donation of any amount can provide a lot of support and is greatly appreciated.

Click here to donate to help our first responders