People to People relies on the Ethiopian diaspora to create bridges between institutions. We call this a triangular partnership between Western institutions, developing country institutions, and the worldwide diaspora. P2P facilitates this transfer of resources, knowledge, and technology.

This model has key benefits to our effectiveness and capacity:

Reversing the brain drain / “sharing the brain”


Developing nations suffer a “brain drain” as educated professionals leave. But the diaspora community wants to give back. P2P helps them “share the brain” by contributing to their home country.


Personal and family relationships


Our relationships span countries and continents. We have know community leaders and institutions personally. In many cases, they are our family.


Cultural and linguistic competency


P2P’s membership speak the language, but more importantly also understand Ethiopian cultural norms and institutions. Without this, other programs face an uphill battle.


Enduring commitment beyond particular projects


We stick around, even between funding cycles. Our commitment to Ethiopia and its people is deeper than any particular project or partnership; it is our homeland.


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