“Brightest Stars in the Darkest Skies: The Journey of Desalegn, from Displacement to Distinction”

In the conflict that erupted in our country, a young man named Desalegn Worku, along with his parents, was displaced and has entered the Jara displacement camp. Forced to flee their home to escape the violence, they embarked on a perilous journey to reach the Jara displacement site in Amhara region, leaving behind everything they had ever known.

Life in the displacement camp was far from easy. Resources were scarce, and the living conditions were harsh. Desalegn’s parents struggled to find work, resorting to odd jobs to make ends meet and provide for their family. Despite the adversities they faced, they remained resilient, holding onto hope for a better future for their son.

At the displacement camp, Desalegn’s thirst for knowledge and determination to succeed shone brightly. Despite the challenges of overcrowded classrooms and limited resources, Desalegn’s passion for learning burned brightly.

Recognizing the challenges that displaced university students were facing, People to People offered a scholarship to support their education beyond the camp. This scholarship was a ray of hope in the midst of darkness, opening doors to a brighter future for Desalegn, his fellows, and his family.

As Desalegn dove into his studies at the university, he excelled beyond all expectations. Despite the rigorous academic demands, he consistently achieved straight “A” grades in his common courses, and he is studying for a Bachelor of Arts in Wollo University Law School.

Desalegn’s success in university not only brought pride to his family but also inspired hope and admiration among his peers in the displacement camp. His story became a beacon of light, proving that with perseverance and support, even amid adversity, one could achieve greatness.

With his studies at the university, Desalegn’s future seemed brighter than ever. The once-displaced boy had transformed into a beacon of hope and inspiration for others facing similar challenges. Desalegn’s success was a testament to the power of education and the unwavering support of those who believed in his potential.

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