Message from Editor in Chief

The purpose of a Newsletter is typically to disseminate information on the activities of an organization, in this case that of People to People (P2P), Inc. While this remains to be the central mission of P2P e-Health Newsletter, it will also entertain articles on topical health issues in its various β€œsections.” The Newsletter is envisioned as a springboard for a future academic healthcare journal under a broader P2P umbrella. The next several issues will be a mix between news/events, especially pertinent to P2P, commentaries, reviews, opinions & other formal articles. It will be a quarterly publication coming out in January, April, July and October of each year. The editorial team will screen submissions to make sure that they are consistent with the purpose of the Newsletter. The team will also take the liberty to edit manuscripts for language and clarity, but in so doing will work closely with authors to improve the final version. Unlike the case is in a formal journal, submissions to this periodical publication do not undergo strict peer review process, unless they are written in academic style to a narrow audience. For this reason, there will be some latitude of flexibility in the style that articles are prepared and submitted.

Healthcare delivery is a multidisciplinary endeavor encompassing medicine, pharmacy, nursing, microbiology, engineering, technology, health administration and biostatistics, as well as a host of other related fields. While all the disciplines help in the diagnoses, treatment and management of diseases in this modern age, healthcare banks heavily on state-of-the-art technology to deliver advanced, specialized and quality care. P2P e-Health Newsletter will attempt to highlight these aspects, in addition to featuring activities of P2P. A stand-alone healthcare approach belongs to the past. A unified care is a way to guaranteeing a timely delivery of health services, which in turn significantly affects the well-being of communities.

This maiden Inaugural Issue (Volume 1, No 1) heralds the birth of a medium designed in such a way that healthcare workers both in Ethiopia and abroad can share their ideas on thematic & topical heath issues. The Newsletter will also accept papers from all contributors, so long as they meet the criteria that are outlined above. P2P Health Newsletter is co-edited by Fekadu Fullas (Editor in Chief), Mulugeta Gebregziabher (Associate Editor) and Zelalem Hailu (Assistant Editor). It is managed by Nebiyu Hailemariam and Yosef Bogale. The Editorial Board advises the editorial team on issues and topics that need to be covered by the Newsletter.

Please join us in this exciting journey!

Fekadu Fullas, RPh, PhD

Sioux City, IA 51104, USA

(Editor in Chief, P2P e-Health Newsletter)

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